WOWpetition – The Day we went to Westminster

Today (27th February 2014), in the main chamber of the House of Commons, MPs debated the WOWpetition, an e-petition filed in the Government Directgov website that achieved nearly 105,000 signatures.

This is an extract from Hansard.

Question put and agreed to.


That this House calls on the Government to commission an independent cumulative assessment of the impact of changes in the welfare system on sick and disabled people, their families and carers, drawing upon the expertise of the Work and Pensions Select Committee; requests that this impact assessment examine care home admissions, access to day care centres, access to education for people with learning difficulties, provision of universal mental health treatments, closures of Remploy factories, the Government’s contract with Atos Healthcare, IT implementation of universal credit, human rights abuses against disabled people, excess deaths of welfare claimants and the disregard of medical evidence in decision-making by Atos, the Department for Work and Pensions and the Tribunals Service; urges the Secretary of State for Health and the Secretary of State for Education jointly to launch a consultation on improving support into work for sick and disabled people; and further calls on the Government to end with immediate effect the work capability assessment, as voted for by the British Medical Association, to discontinue forced work under the threat of sanctions for people on disability benefits and to bring forward legislative proposals to allow a free vote on repeal of the Welfare Reform Act 2012.

So we won!

What does it mean. Put simply it means the WOWpetition campaign goes on, despite the regular personal abuse from Simon Stevens on Twitter.

We’ll let you know when we know more.

21 comments on “WOWpetition – The Day we went to Westminster
  1. Brilliant is an understatement – well done WOWsers!!!

    • m fletch says:

      fantastic news thanks lets hope all is resolved with compassion and on the side of the disabled

    • Great stuff. Congratulations on a huge achievement. Just read the Hansard blow by blow and, remember this is a permanent record, it is a lasting indictment of the psychopaths in power. It’s an encouraging but upsetting two hours’ read (apart from that pratt Guto Bebb who makes me ashamed to be a Welshman on this eve of St David’s Day).

      I don’t think most people realise how massive a feat this is. First time in the history of recent government, people power has positively influenced Parliament.

    • Melloney says:

      You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so traesparnntly clear now!

  2. Anton says:

    well done folks

  3. Sallyann says:

    Well done everyone =)

  4. sue livett says:

    congratulations wow from the campaign for a fair society

  5. A6er says:

    Congrats everyone, a lot of great impassioned speeches from our Labour MPs,along with some very sad tales of people suffering because of this oppressive and aggressive government and its policies to WCA and benefits in general.

    Massive respect for what you have all achieved so far.

  6. Doris Graham says:

    More pressure should be placed on the government for a better system to assess vulnerable people. My brother was medically retired 15years ago due to mental health issues, last year they forced him back to work and 4 months later he was in hospital after attempting his own life. I am still fighting his cause as when he tried they ignored him.

  7. Irene says:

    I have just been called for an ATOS assessment fit for work assessment next Friday I wrote on my form that I am in a electric wheelchair and need somebody with me to get me there transport for my chair somebody to take notes because of mental fatigue be near a toilet and somewhere to lay down if needed. I was sent a personalized journey route I should take walk down theroad to bust stop take bus to Sheffield town centre and walk to the assessment center which was tagged up as ARGOS not ATOS lol Total time 28 mins

    I rang my GP to see if he would back up my request for a home visit and he said he has noticed i have attended a lot of outpatient clinics recently at our local hospital and it is obvious i can get places . Its only an how do you get . door to door and or my husband why cant door to door take you They cant why cant your husband take you. I say that isnt the point he cant talk me to work every day> dr says but its only an ASSESSMENT why cant your husband take you I say because he has a hernia isnt very well and would have to dismantle and re assemble the wheelchair > im in tears by now So he says do you want me to dictate a letter for you. I have No idea what s i the letter SO HE WILL WRITE ME A HOME ASSESSMENT REQUEST LETTER BUT BECAUSE MY HUSBAND CANT MENAGE THE WHEELCHAIR not because I’m two sick to walk and ride ATOS stupid get there route

    . Why because I have ME and Fibromyalgia/ Please keep up the good work I will support you all I can Irene

  8. lets be honist, its not about compassion or having a heart, this is about common sense. there is no work for the general unemployed so what hope is there for the sick and disabled anyway??? those who are sick need help medically not help with getting back to work. you can not drive a broen car it MUST be fixed first or danger will lay ahead for sure. the prinicible is the same for anything. unemployment has not gone down at all, they just cant claim anything anymore so the numbers look as if the unemployment has gone down. all ive seen is people turning to crime to get by, none of them have a job and almost everyone i know who are unemployed have been sanctioned at some point. one person for sanctioned for putting the date as 14 instead of 2014. wtf is that all about??? sanctions are supposed to be a LAST resort, seems they use every excuse they get to take your money

  9. Shelly says:


  10. denbers says:

    Great result. Keep up the struggle.

  11. trust*trust!!
    it all comes down to trust?
    do we trust them to do the right thing?
    I for one will not hold my breath!
    thank you all for hard work*
    the fight goes on!!
    pput away all thoughts of suicide*
    fight till last breath in the body??

  12. kaydee says:

    Don’t forget the history we made prior to this. The cross party debate on Atos. It would never have happened without the thousands who campaign, research, inform their MP’s, the Lords etc enough to inspire those few good men & women in Parliament to take it to the necessary levels with great passion & determination.
    We are the sort of movement that’s stirred & inspired people to do extraordinary things throughout history & effect change.

  13. S Williams says:

    What is the next stage in the battle?

  14. Phil says:

    Fantastic news, we had such great responses on the posts we put up for our members at the Benefits and Work Facebook page. Did tweet this but a reminder that we have some free memberships to win tonight, check the page onward and upward

  15. robin sinclairt says:

    I stay in SA with even higher unemploymeny ond grovelling humiloatinhg poverty 0 that rate wę are going 0why don’t tyhey just sterrilise everyone euthanase the sick weak ugly poor whatever abd clone only that selected few WOW Come to SA I’ve been unemployed for years Peter hains come as well Wheb will income inequakities even be remidied

  16. Paul Hanson says:

    I want to say a big thank you to everyone for all the hard work and campaigning that you have done so we can have a fare welfare system and not hard nosed don’t care profit making system that has been in place since 2008 the private don’t care profit companies must go and a better system should be in place for the sick and disabled people in this country.

    I am sick to the core of reading the heart rendering stories in the papers and forums hearing about the unlucky sick and disabled people that did not make it through this horrible evil process of system welfare cleansing I would never have thought this country and the ministers could sink to such a low as to kill sick and disabled people in this way for profit.

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